SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3/29/2018by Toby B Sanchez – Former Professional Baseball Player

Athletes are known for consuming everything under the sun that is considered healthy. Most health conscious athletes prefer food and beverage that tastes good and is good for them and affordable. As a collegiate and professional baseball player in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s what I was drinking changed over time. Beverage commercials transitioned from Milk, Water, and Gatorade while I was in college to Protein Powder based shakes, antioxidant water, and Coffee as a professional player.

The good thing is fitness industry experts and exercise physiologists have been working with beverage companies on the effectiveness of beverages for the athletic and fitness communities. Continued research in the beverage industry shows that a morning cup of coffee might be the best addition to your daily consumption.

Fast forward to 2017 and the world of coffee has been forever changed. In the single-serve brewer market known for the Keurig and single-serving pods, CUP-O Beverages figured out how to get Premium Collagen Protein and Drip Brewed Coffee to exit a single serving pod so that you could enjoy the great taste of coffee and benefit from 8grams of protein per cup. There is a significant number of health benefits for both athletes and health-conscious people when they consume a CUP-O Protein Coffee Pod.

So to help you see the benefits, here are five reasons why you, the athlete should incorporate the CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion – Protein Coffee Pods into your daily meal plan and healthy routine:

1. Coffee reduces the amount of pain you perceive, and Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides helps provide sustenance DURING rigorous training.
Extensive training can be challenging, work out enough, and eventually, your muscles will push you to stop. A benefit of CUP-O Proteins 100% Arabica Coffee is that it helps silence your muscles from trying to get you to stop.

An interesting fact presented in research published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism (2009), the shot of caffeine as a stimulant in a cup of coffee can reduce the amount of pain perceived by low to moderate caffeine consumers if taken before exercise. Every game is a big game, and there is a significant amount of research that implies that athletes may benefit from a “cup” before a big game. For those of you that might be thinking of a VENTI or 24oz coffee, a “cup” is precisely that: 8 ounces which happen to be the recommended serving size of CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion

2. Coffee also reduces perceived pain AFTER exercise and CUP-O’s premium protein helps rebuild muscle tissue.
February 2007 issue of The Journal of Pain stated that research suggests that moderate doses of caffeine (approximately two cups of coffee) can reduce post-exercise soreness by up to 48 percent. The study examined the effects of caffeine on a group of nine female college students who were neither regular caffeine users nor regularly physically active. The subjects participated in a moderate workout. Then, one or two days later, they took either a caffeine pill or a placebo and an hour later performed quadriceps exercises—first to produce maximal force, then to produce sub-maximal force. Compared to the placebo subjects, those who got the caffeine reported a 48 percent reduction in pain in the max effort exercise and a 26 percent reduction in pain in the sub-maximal effort exercise.
If you are a next day or second-day sore athlete or made sure that the “OFF” in the off-season had your name with it, then CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion might be an easy way to reduce soreness after your first few training sessions.

3. CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion(tm) helps you recharge.
You have been programmed to go for a cold protein shake after practice, but for the first time, you can choose a hot protein coffee that provides 8grams of super premium hydrolyzed collagen peptides that are 95% bio-available to your body. You might want to swap out the cold protein that needs an hour to denature in your stomach to a Protein Coffee pod that quickly delivers a dose of protein into your bloodstream. Immediately effecting your performance and ultimately your recovery. According to research published in 2 Journal Of Applied Physiology (2008) “athletes who ingested coffee after exercise had approximately 66 percent more muscle glycogen than those who ingested a placebo four hours after exercise.” Its common sense that if you have 66 percent more sustenance in your system for your next performance, competition or training-session, there is no question your body will succeed in its efforts to perform at the highest levels.

4. Protein Infused Coffee Pods delay exhaustion.
Every athlete needs more time focused and on their game. The end of a training session or performance-based competition is always more challenging to remain consistent over time. But the shot of caffeine that CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion(tm) provides could help you stay focused on that last pitch or help you push through the final exercise in your daily program.
**According to 2012 research out of the Coventry University in England. In the study, researchers had 13 young men Bench Press, Deadlift, Squat and Row to failure with a weight that was 60 percent of their one-rep max. The participants performed two workouts: one where they consumed a placebo beverage an hour before exercise, and another where they drank a beverage packed with 179 mg of caffeine an hour before exercise.**

5. Coffee could help you lower body fat.
If you’re looking to cut that last bit of fat before beach season, grab a months worth of CUP-O Protein Coffee Pod and get ready for some sun.
Just in case you were wondering: The following is the Story.
The study was performed on 16 overweight or obese men and women, aged 22-26. All participants cycled through a high dose of coffee extract (1,050 mg), a low dose of coffee extract participants lost an average of 17 pounds, with an average decrease in body fat of 16 percent.

written by Former Minor Leaguer and Co-Founder Toby Sanchez of CUP-O Beverages™ – Scottsdale, AZ
The 2018 Major League / Minor League Baseball and  Collegiate Baseball  Season has begun.  As a former Collegiate All-American and Professional Baseball Player, I thought it necessary to talk about the way players are doing what they can to stay alert.  I also want to make the proper introduction to CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ as being the new choice available to the athletic community I spent so much of my life being a part of.   I want to make it understood, and if you don’t already know, athletes often do whatever they can to keep the competitive edge, whether its College or the Pros.   In many cases, athletes have been drinking liquid concentration or what they think gives them energy.   So players have been chugging a Red Bull, Monster or No-Fear Energy Drinks feeling it’s going to be able to keep them going.   Many athletes and organizations believe it is about time for a change.  It’s been necessary to change what athletes are doing to stimulate their performance. CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ is a Collagen Protein with Drip Brewed Coffee Bean single serving pod designed with the clubhouses and bullpens of Collegiate and Professional Baseball in mind.

With recent studies illustrating the damage that over-usage of energy drinks can do to athletes in the minor leagues, Major League Baseball teams are discouraging the use of energy drinks, with most banning it in the minor leagues.  The restriction of energy drinks in the clubhouse should be mandatory for Collegiate Athletes as well.  Without an alternate resource for sustained energy and sustenance, many players are saying that management is going too far. In 2018 Major League Baseball teams and their Minor League affiliates will have an alternative resource to energy drinks.  An Enhanced Protein Coffee beverage that athletes will gain sustenance for increased stamina but also get the pick-me-up that they are often looking for with regular coffee.

In the 2017 Off-Season, we had some MLB Players start drinking CUP-O Protein™.  Players from organizations such as the Colorado Rockies and Washington Nationals took the product quickly.  One of the athletes had sent us a comment on Instagram that read, “Tried the Coffee and I don’t know what to say.  It’s just like a normal black coffee.   I LOVE IT! How can I get more?”   As a player for the Washington Nationals, Jake has had his fair share of gritty, smelly, gag-until-you-throw-it-all-back protein shakes. That’s why he loves CUP-O Protein™.

So let’s talk about why CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ can be what baseball needs to combat the use of Energy Drinks.

CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ provides a delicious hot brewed coffee blended with taste-free, odorless, silky collagen protein which promotes lean muscle gain and tone through the production of natural creatine in the body, which is essential for new muscle growth. When you workout for extended periods, the collagen in your body begins to degrade and symptoms, such as pain and injury, begin to occur. Collagen may also assist in protein synthesis (meaning that your body can better absorb the protein you feed it). Drinking an 8oz CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ during periods of training assists in maintaining your collagen and connective tissue, and your body can put our protein straight to work – better acceptance of protein by the body can assist with lean muscle gain and keeps you fuller longer.  To ensure a great cup of coffee, we selected 100% Arabica coffee beans and combined them with taste-free, super-premium, silky-smooth Collagen Protein which provides you the 8g of protein per cup.   Now hold tight because this is going to blow your hair back: CUP-O’s revolutionary delivery method of a hot brewed protein coffee enables the amino acid bonds to break upon contact with heat, making our Next Generation Protein™ 95% bio-available and quickly introduced into the bloodstream upon consumption.

Need more science to support the reasoning?  Manufacturers who use Whey, Soy, and Pea as their protein source don’t want to tell you about how difficult their products are for the body to break down.  The protein used in Ready To Drink Shakes or Protein Powders often lead to a meager absorption rate – providing your body with only 53%, 26%, and 16% (respectively) of the amount of protein advertised within an hour of ingestion. If you are drinking a protein shake advertising 20 grams of whey protein, the reality is you’re only absorbing 10.6 grams of protein within that first HOUR, and you’ve just created a lot of waste for your body to eliminate. What that what!? So, you can see why big contract baseball players have felt its time to ditch the old clubhouse cup of Joe and drink CUP-O Protein™.

CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ is a patented formula invented by a former 6th round draft pick of the Cincinnati Reds who understood the need for a substitute for cold protein shakes and energy drinks. With athletes reporting to the field from 1 pm to 3 pm and with most games started at 7:05 and lasting anywhere from two and a half to as many as four hours there is a dire need to stay alert during such lengthy durations of rigorous competition.

Just a bit of history on the topic. As a precaution to guard against the over-use of energy drinks, many teams, including the Arizona Diamondbacks and Houston Astros had stopped providing energy drinks in their clubhouse as early as 2014 and are discouraging players from using them, citing harmful effects. They can’t ban the beverages because they are not prohibited in the collective bargaining agreement but want to try and protect their players. Minor League teams can create rules without governance from the players union, and many organizations, including the Milwaukee Brewers, have restricted their athletes from using the clubhouse refrigerators to store their energy drinks.  Player development in the Cleveland Indians organization has continually asked players why they are consuming energy drinks and suggest healthy alternatives which eventually leads to drinking coffee. With the recent development of the Protein Coffee Pod that is Keurig 2.0 compatible CUP-O Beverages Co-Owner and former Minor Leaguer, Toby Sanchez, knows that the CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ pods are tailor-made for every baseball player from college to the pros.

Here is some more history.  In 2009 the Houston Astros began taking precautions when reliever Wesley Wright was taken to a hospital and treated for dehydration. Wright said he drank several cans of Red Bull and soft drinks before pitching that afternoon. “We’ve had a couple of issues regarding dehydration,” then the Astros GM, at the time, Ed Wade said, “and our people think they can be traced to misuse, overuse of energy drinks. It just seemed that we shouldn’t be creating an environment where we’re almost facilitating the effects of dehydration.”

When I was playing for the Cincinnati Reds organization, my first full season was an awakening to the reality of the physical demand that a professional baseball has.  I speak from experience, with a 162-game season and a crazy travel schedule (not including bus trips in the minor leagues), every player is looking for any advantage that is safe and legal. Many players agree that the reason there is a need for something other than energy drinks is that there has been a need for a different drink that provides benefit and is legal to consume. Players have been in lack of and continuously looking for increased focus and sustainable energy. Anything that can give them a competitive edge is desired. Playing so many games that can last as long as 4 hours takes a toll on baseball players.

A few years ago a Pittsburgh Pirates closer had remarked, “You’ve got to go out there 162 games. You’re playing 21 games in a row, and switching time zones, and you want to be mentally and physically ready.” With Protein Enhanced Coffee provided as a Protein Coffee Pod is brewed in just under 40 seconds is phenomenal when its time for something to help with concentration and muscle rejuvenation and a pick-me-up in the late innings when the game is on the line.   CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ is the drink for players wanting the mental focus, and physical sustenance they have been looking for since the consequences of mass Energy Drink consumption became well documented.

About CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™
CUP-O Protein was developed by Donna McReynolds-Sanchez, a 17-year beverage industry veteran, and her husband Toby Sanchez, a former minor league baseball player, business owner, and entrepreneur. Donna was working for an RTD protein shake company when the idea for CUP-O Protein was born. Donna would drink her coffee made in a Keurig® every morning, but she was not a fan of eating breakfast foods. Because she felt her body required more sustenance than what her coffee provided, she would reluctantly chug one of the protein shakes she was selling but quickly grew weary of drinking them due to their cold temperature and poor after-taste. Donna soon realized she desired something both hot and nourishing to drink in the morning. Out of sheer frustration, Donna began grumbling how she merely wanted to be able to have a hot cup of fresh drip brewed coffee that also provided protein to keep her fuller longer.  When Toby heard this, he had thought of all of the Protein Shakes that he had consumed over the years playing at Long Beach State University and in Minor League Baseball and thought it was an incredible idea.  The couple quickly learned that nothing like this existed on the market, in fact, they discovered that there was less than 4% innovation in what was a $4.5 billion-dollar category. After the Nutraceutical Formulator hired by the Sanchez’s couldn’t figure out a way to fulfill their vision, the company told them “It can’t be done…If the Big Guys could do it, it would have been done by now”. Donna encouraged Toby to bring the formulation research and development in-house, literally. After 14 months of great trial and error in their Scottsdale, Arizona kitchen, the self-proclaimed “mad scientists” finally found their eureka formula and celebrated what was to become a truly unique innovation for single-serving coffee pods which was later awarded a Patent. Now CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ leads the way in carving out an entirely new category of Enhanced Coffee Pods.  For more information on CUP-O Protein you may visit